Intercultural Workout – ein berliner Teilnehmer bedankt sich

It was my first time at the ICW Intercultural Workout and at the beginning, I was happy to go there and to do a different thing. However, when I arrived tot he accomodation I saw different faces from what I was used to see. Faces that scared me somehow, that were looking at me in an intimidating form, and all of a sudden, I lost all the energy that I had before. I didn’t want to train with them anymore. I asked myself “What I have to share with them? I don’t know them, and it seems that they don’t like me too” In one point I was right, I didn’t know them, but I was exactly there to pass that barrier. I decided to go on, start what I was there for, and train with them even if I wasn’t in a good mood. Then the magic happened. That same faces changed, the angry look switched to a smile, the anonymous faces that were looking weird at me had names and became more familiar. After the session I had got new friends and we could share our stories and that differences were not that big anymore. I made that step, I got over the barrier of the lack of knowledge and I started to get to know new people. It was a great thing, with the power of a nice group to support the meeting and making it the easiest and funniest as possible.